Premier Renovations Flood Proofing Services

Sump Pump Installation

The July 8 rainstorm, which delivered floodwaters and caused sewage backups to many homes primarily in the east half of the city, afforded contractor Peter Glaw of Premier Quality Renovations an up-close view of the damage that dirty water and sludge can cause. Not only was there a lot of damage to personal belongings, but the consequences of prolonged moisture can be very costly. Mould grows in moist environments, potentially destroying floors, walls and furnishings. Mould spores also permeate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and can lead to health problems.

The Region of Peel (regionofpeel.ca) offers information on flood prevention and promotes the following:

  • Ensure the slope of your lot directs water away from your foundation;
  • Repair cracks and holes, and seal windows properly;
  • Disconnect down spouts to direct water away from your home;
  • Install rain barrels to collect excess water; and
  • Keep eavestroughs, drains and sewer pipes free of debris causing blockages

With so much of the damage arising from sewage backup, it’s important to note that the City has waived the Building Permit Fees for the installation of backflow preventer valves for internal drains.

Sump Pump Installation

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