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Santosh and Stacey

Santosh and Stacey

Testimonial 1: We’d been planning to renovate our basement, some day, into a brighter, more functional space.  When the pandemic started, we realized some day was here.  Both of us were working from home at least part of the time, and our daughter was also online more often for school and social connections.  We needed more room for all of us to do this without being on top of one another or closed up in our bedrooms.  We called Peter at Premier Quality Renovations because he’d previously done some work for us, and we knew the quality and professionalism he and his team delivered.  Our goal was to update the basement, replacing old, dark paneling with drywall, dusty carpet with new “hardwood” flooring, and dull lighting with potlights.  We wanted to create distinct spaces for an office, home gym and family room with big screen tv, as well as add a bathroom. We even added a custom wood beam mantel installation.  Peter and his team listened and advised us throughout the process, all the while keeping the reno moving efficiently.  They were safe, clean and respectful of us and our home.  All of this, combined with the high skill and quality of the work, more than met our expectations.  We couldn’t be happier!

Testimonial 2: One evening we discovered a foul-smelling back up in our basement storage and utility area. We called Peter to ask if he could help, expecting we might have to wait until the next day to get a plumber. Within the hour the plumber was at our place, and within a few hours the problem was discovered and resolved! We were so very grateful that Peter picked up when we called, as he always does, and was able to help us out so quickly! Thanks to him and his team of experts, we were able to salvage our evening and rest easy.