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Peter was referred to me through my realtor and he was incredibly accommodating in providing background information on his work and experience, while also inviting me to visit a number of his current job sites. The exceptional work and detailed finishing touches I saw convinced me to sign with him.

My particular renovation project seemed simple at first, but with Peter’s guidance, we were able to further simplify some of the work while also extending the scope to include a complete new master bathroom reno, removing popcorn ceiling throughout the townhouse, installing pot lights in most rooms, as well as replacing all the baseboard and trim throughout. Finally, Peter was also able to provide painters who painted every single inch of my home.

The one caveat I presented to Peter was timing. I took possession of my new home in early November and had to move in by December 1st – essentially 22 days from start to finish. While somewhat reluctant to agree to the timeline, Peter agreed and we moved forward. He had his team of dedicated and talented craftsmen on site the day after I took possession and the work began right away.

The team worked throughout the next three weeks including some weekends and late evenings, and despite a few additional requests, they got the work done in time for my move. All the work was completed on time with exceptional results.

While Premier Quality Renovations may be on the pricier side of the equation, I firmly believe spending a bit more on the high quality work that was completed within a short window of time was well worth it. Peter has stood by his work and returned a few times to answer some of my concerns with simple fixes and ongoing recommendations.

I would strongly recommend Peter and his crew, not only for the high quality and detailed work, but also for their punctuality, cleanliness and overall professionalism.

Andre – Port Credit Townhouse