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Pat and Danielle

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Watch the feature video and learn how Pat & Danielle saved thousands on their reno!

In mid 2017 my wife and I were looking to renovate our house. Like most people, our two biggest concerns were quality and price, but we also only wanted to do this once, so we were looking for higher-end finishes and materials that would last (and that we would be happy with) for decades. So we interviewed several contractors and eventually settled on one with excellent references and a great track record. The next step of the process involved design and practical considerations, and it quickly became apparent that the costs would be problematic – we were exceeding our budget with even the very basic materials, floor-plans, etc. Not willing to compromise on quality or the reputation of the contractor, at that point we had essentially resolved to put off the renovation and continue trying to save, which was when we met Peter Glaw of Premier Quality Renovations Inc. and he introduced us to the idea of being our own contractors. Given that I’m self-employed, and my wife works part-time, even though it would mean more time and attention on our part, it seemed like an ideal option. Premier provided access to their suppliers, the tradespeople he relies on for his own jobs, and also provided guidance, support, and advice through each stage. We ended up completing our reno in December 2018, and for the price of 3 floors of a basic renovation with our original contract, we were able to renovate the 3 floors, AND the basement, AND with the highest end appliances, flooring, lighting, etc. 
Now, there are several key things worth mentioning when it comes to being your own contractor because it’s important to not sugarcoat it. First of all, it is very time-consuming – some days you will not need to be on your job site at all, while at other times you’ll be there most of the day. Regardless, you will be on the phone or emailing a lot and your mind and focus will be on your project at all times. It will also be stressful; there will be confusion and delays and mistakes and it can be very frustrating. And it will be expensive; renos are expensive, regardless of whether you’re your own contractor or you’re using someone else. Those are the main harsh realities of the process, but they’re inevitable, I think, for every job. For the positives – you will know your house better than you ever did before. You will know what went into building each element, and you will get to know reliable, honest people who can service or repair everything if ever anything happens. You will also get to choose anything and everything in your house – every knob and hinge and piece of wood etc, and the house will be done exactly how you want it. And most importantly, being your own contractor, you will save a lot of money – In our experience, I would say between 15-20% and maybe more which, given today’s reno prices, could represent hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process is not easy, but it’s doable – I don’t have any experience in renovations or building – I’m not even very handy – but with Premier’s help, a little research, and a willingness to learn, we came away with a beautiful full-house gut reno. 
And a word about Peter Glaw and Premier Quality Renovations Inc. – Peter and his team are available in a way that very few people are… Day or night, rain or shine, inside our outside the country, Peter and his team are a phone call away. He has answers for every question, and people for every job. His experience makes him familiar with each and every element of building a house, and with a group of tradespeople who have been whittled down and selected based on years of him working with them, and being 100% sure of the quality of their work and their reliability. Peter and his team are enthusiastic about building, and vehement about his high standards for good, solid, enduring work. He will care about your project, and that’s reflected in the people who work for him, and it’s also reflected in how much he oversees you and your job – he will make sure you’re on schedule, make sure you’re not being taken advantage of, and make sure the job is being done properly. Being your own contractor is tough, but it’s rewarding in many ways, and if you’re up to the task, there’s very few people better suited to help you through it.