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Our (approx. 1600 sq-ft) condominium unit was renovated earlier this year by Premier Quality Renovations. This firm was recommended by other condominium owners in our building, who were happy with their work.

The renovations we required were extensive, with replacement of floors and major repairs and construction of our walls and ceilings. Both washrooms and kitchen were completely renovated. The work was done very professionally with good workmanship. The costs of the renovations remained consistent with the initial estimate and were fair and reasonable.

Peter and his coworkers were extremely helpful with their suggestions. Specifically, advice on kitchen and bathroom renovation was most helpful, as there were many aspects of the renovation with which we were not initially familiar. The suggestions given for placement of such items as the granite counter tops, the kitchen and bathroom faucets and the arrangement of appliances were extremely beneficial. We appreciated the extra measures taken to optimize our choices and to reduce costs.
Peter accompanied us to the various suppliers for the purpose of selecting the floors, counter tops and faucets.

After the construction was completed, a number of additional minor construction items were requested by us, such as the installation of bathroom accessories. These additional, after-renovation tasks were done promptly and with fine workmanship, without incurring any additional cost beyond that of materials.

We have since received numerous complements on the renovations from all of the visitors to our condo. The new appearance of our condo unit has in addition caused a number of our friends to undertake renovations of their homes and condos.

Follow Up Testimonial, December, 2012
We’ve gotten many nice complements on the renovations you did in 2104. I just thought you’d like to know.
P.S. But the upstairs unit, 3312 is still the masterpiece. Thank you, again.