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Mike and Cheryl

Mike and Cheryl

Last year, Premier Renovations was referred to us because of water damage that we had experienced from our kitchen solarium.  Although it was a minor renovation, Peter took the time to investigate the damage and provide us with a temporary solution.

In 2011, Peter and his team completed two major renovations.  Our first project involved the replacement of our deteriorating privacy fence. During the process, Peter kept us well-informed by providing us with information on how the fence was being built. Peter and his team were very accommodating when some changes were required.

The second renovation was more involved because we needed to replace our kitchen solarium windows and door with a brand new structure. We were unsure of how the windows would be removed but Peter and his team did not disappoint.  Our kitchen now has three beautiful windows, a brand new door and a real roof.  Through his various contacts, they were able to frame, install, provide electrical work, roofing and stucco refinishing. It was great how Peter was able to coordinate every aspect of the job.

Peter was always proactive and ensured the use of quality materials and workmanship in all of our renovations.  We liked his hands-on approach which allowed us to have excellent communication throughout the process.  We would highly recommend them for any type of renovation.