You Just Found Your Reno Solution

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I can’t say enough good things about Peter and the team at Premier Quality Renovations. They rescued me from a situation that could have gotten me an episode on a popular reno-rescue tv show!
I had hired a (different) contractor in May on the recommendation of a friend. Instead of providing the skilled tradespeople he promised, he opted to do the work himself. Badly. Little did I know I was funding a business he was setting up in northern Ontario. Just after cashing the second installment cheque he informed me he’d be leaving for Muskoka the following Monday, promising to return on weekends to finish the work. When I said that was unacceptable, he packed his gear and left, claiming I had fired him. His work was so shoddy that I couldn’t get another contractor to take on the rest of the job. They felt I would blame them if something related to the other guy’s work went wrong. I couldn’t afford to tear out and completely redo the work but it was starting to look like I might have to.

I was telling my sad story to a friend, a building manager for a major hospital and he said he knew a great guy who could help me out. He had hired Premier to do some work at their site and raved about them. Everything he said was true. The work was beautiful, thorough and my house was tidied each evening before I got home. Peter was an invaluable resource when it came to products, suppliers and even on points of decorating and design. He said he would do everything he could to keep my costs down and he came through.

A big part of Premier’s success is because Peter is a great communicator. He made sure every discussion, request or modification was written down where we both could see it and he actually answered his phone every time I called. The rare time I had to leave a message, he returned the call within minutes. Weekday or weekend, day or night – I’ve never met a more dedicated businessman. Anytime I dealt directly with his suppliers, I could tell they genuinely liked and respected Peter. And I benefited from this attitude in cost-savings and service.

If I hadn’t been directed to Premier Quality Renovations, I might be just another bitter homeowner with a money pit on my hands. Instead I am happy (not even a little bitter) and my beautiful house is finally the way I want it to be.
Thanks Peter!