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I met Peter many years ago, and we would cross paths periodically through my work, so when it came time to embark on a long overdue renovation, he was the first person I called.

Through a series of initial meetings to discuss ideas, design plans, timeline, cost, etc. it quickly became evident that Premier Quality Renovations was the company I was going to entrust with my most valuable asset. The key word here is “TRUST”, as this is the most important factor in choosing a contractor and is also very rare to find!

The work started on time and progressed quickly. Peter’s guys would show up at 7am and work into the evening, sometimes quite late. Peter was on site nearly every day (for 3 months!), and if he was unable to stop by, would always call, usually with the question “Are you happy?”. Communication was constant throughout the entire process.

Everyone involved in the project had a high level of expertise in what they do, and the quality of workmanship and attention to detail was beyond compare. We would have little “meetings” to collaborate, discuss options and share opinions when I was not sure exactly what I wanted. Everyone’s input was thoughtful, knowledgeable and invaluable!

The trades that Peter deals with are the best in the business. Plumbers, electricians, stair & railing installers, cabinet makers, countertop craftsmen, roofers, glass fabricators, the list goes on…

When the “original” reno was nearly complete, I asked Peter what his availability was for remodeling my master bathroom. He immediately arranged for it to be done. I chose to do this because quite honestly I was afraid I would not be able to get this quality of workmanship again if I decided to do it down the road. This is the highest compliment I can pay Peter & his company.

The scope of work included a new kitchen, 3 new bathrooms, new stairs & railings, lots of electrical (including many pot lights & a new electrical panel), a new roof, lots of hardwood flooring, doorway widening, drywall work, popcorn ceiling removal, doors, baseboard, trim, painting, and more. The results completely exceeded my expectations!! I am proud to show off my newly renovated home to family and friends, and they inevitable ask “Wow… where did you find this contractor?”.

My sincere thank you to Peter & his team for all of the amazing work, input & ideas! I would confidently, without hesitation recommend Premier Quality Renovations to anyone looking for a professional high quality renovation.

Special shout outs to some of Peter’s team who worked on my project, and may not always be formally recognized for their outstanding work:

On site every day for 3 months. Truly a Jack of all Trades, he does it all. From framing to drywalling to trim work, but he is a flooring expert at heart. The hardwood flooring installation & tile work is unequalled!

Started the reno on day 1. Very professional, detail oriented, and has great organizational skills.

The King of kitchen design & manufacturing. He had great design / layout ideas, and the cabinets turned out… WOW!

The granite/marble/quartz expert. Thank you for your great ideas and quick installation. The counter tops look phenomenal!

The electricians. Very fast, thorough and professional. There was lots to do!

David & Team.
The stair & railing masters. Everyone who sees the new stairs & railings is blown away!

His stain work on the stairs & railings to tie in with the flooring was deadly accurate. He has a very critical eye for detail.

An experienced plumber whose quality of work and attention to detail is at the next level!

The glass & mirror expert. He built & installed custom shower walls & door that create a true showpiece!

A roofer like I have never seen before. Sheathing repair, membrane, shingles, eaves, vents, fascia, etc… From consultation to completion in 72 hours!

My Sincere Thanks,