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Jeremy and Susan

Jeremy and Susan

Following the “100 year storm” in July 2013, our finished basement was destroyed by flood waters and sewage back-up. Everything from 4 feet down was ripped out and we were left with without the use of what was once a part of our living space. We quickly started to look for a Contractor to help us get the space back to what it once was. Having never done any renovations in the past and referral Contractors already booked, we were leery when we started having companies come in to give us quotes. That was until Peter arrived and took the time to walk us through the reality of getting the work done and having it done right. Not only did Peter walk us through the reno, he also gave us advice on what to ask of other Contractors we were considering. Based on our initial meeting, his quote and our research on Peter, we quickly made up our mind to give him the job and are glad we did.

The renovation was completed on time and on budget. Walls were replaced, new floors laid (laminate and tiles), bathroom was rebuilt and a new kitchenette installed. Peter was responsive, knowledgeable and ensured all aspects of the reno proceeded according to plan. Peter’s team was polite and professional and offered recommendations that helped improve on the final product. If there is one thing that most impressed me during the course of the work, it wasPeter’s communication. Despite having multiple projects on the go, I always felt like I was his only client.