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Andrew and Anita

Andrew and Anita

Just wanted to say thank you for the work your team did on my roof. Faced with some roof leaks, a leaking eaves trough, and a cracked skylight as the CoVid-19 restrictions came into place I was looking for a roofer who was still working and I wasn’t able to find many. Thankfully Peter’s people were still working and able to assist. From the time I got in touch with Peter he kept the process moving along and ensured that the work was moving forward to my satisfaction.

Adrian, the roofer, used a small crew for the roof and eaves work that needed to be done, keeping as distant as possible. In about a week this small crew managed to replace my roof, open up the old enclosed soffit and replace it with new soffit, and replaced the eaves troughs and the skylight. We had some rain over the last few days and all looks good. I’m looking forward to many years of leak free living now!

The team was a big help in a tight spot. I appreciate all you did and your constant attention to keep this job moving forward. Many companies don’t return calls. Peter took the initiative to call and was always available whenever needed.