Premier Quality Renovations can make your home the way you’ve always wanted it to be! Stunning renovations with quality workmanship. Premier offers renovation consulting services as well.

Peter Glaw

Premier Quality Renovation’s founder Peter Glaw is a rare find. Having grown up surrounded by his Father’s cabinet making, he knew at very early age, that building and creating dream spaces was part of his DNA. While his friends were clocking in their hours at the local eateries as part of their summer jobs, Peter would spend his high school summers helping his Father out building houses and doing renovation projects. That paved his way towards creating his own company.

He continued with his passion, first buying homes, renovating them and selling them when word of mouth spread about his impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail and his unrivaled passion for the art of construction. And before he knew it, he started to lend his services for those seeking to give their home a much-needed update.

Quality workmanship
Just like any excellent service, it’s the word of mouth that breeds its success. And that is exactly what Peter found when one project led to another. Friends would tell their friends, referrals would be repetitive and of course creating a satisfied and loyal customer base.

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