Talking Point

No job is too small

Built On Trust

When asked to explain his business philosophy, Peter Glaw pauses. As owner and operator of Premier Quality Renovations, he doesn’t take these things lightly, so his response is well considered. “Do good work and the customers will come,” he says. And they’ve been doing just that. Like any highly regarded service, your reputation grows on word of mouth, and this has been the best salesman Glaw has found. He realizes that he can tell you he does good work, but it’s even better if someone else says so. “Friends tell their friends, and they tell their friends,” he explains. “It doesn’t get any better than that.” A large portion of Glaw’s reputation has been earned through his honest and straight forward approach. He treats his projects as though he’s working on his own home, plus he makes sure his customers are not in for any surprises. He includes them in the process each step of the way, showing them what he’s doing and why his approach takes care of their interests. Specializing in the “art” of construction, Glaw tackles every new job with a customized approach. And just like any other work of art, no two construction jobs are the same—that’s why he pays particular attention to all the details to make sure he delivers what customers ask for.Peter Glaw - Built On Trust

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