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An Interview with Peter Glaw of Premier Quality Renovations

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Major renovations can be life-changing, and whether the changes are for better or worse can be greatly influenced by your choice of contractor. We interviewed Peter Glaw, of Premier Quality Renovations who helped us develop the top five essential characteristics you should look for when choosing the company that will change your home… and perhaps your life.

1. Quality: Quality workmanship should be a given. Sadly, it isn’t, so you still need to look closely at past work and speak to more than two previous clients. Web sites have become very useful in the evaluation process and a good contractor will have plenty of pictures and testimonials.

2 Code and Bylaw Expertise: Every builder should know the building code inside-out, but that’s not the only regulatory body concerned about your project. Condo owners especially
need someone experienced with property managers, zoning bylaws and the special regulations of each building. Peter’s knowledge of the numerous codes and approvals makes his advice invaluable in avoiding unpleasant surprises. In Peter’s opinion, this expertise has been instrumental to his company becoming the go-to guy for many condo owners’ projects.

Homes and Cottages Magazine

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