Allow Premier to correctly insulate your doors and windows or replace the old ones.

Are you aware that up to 40% of heating and cooling needs in the home are due to air exchange. In the winter, heat losses occur when heated air leaks out of the house. Energy must then be spent warming the cool air that replaces it. In the summer, heat gains occur when warm air leaks into the house; thus, more money is spent on cooling costs.

One area of the house that may allow up to 17% of this unwanted air infiltration is around windows and doors. Energy waste and cost can be cut by the proper installation of windows and doors.

The main objective when installing windows and doors should be to create an airtight seal between the window or door frame and the exterior wall. Most of the time the window or door will not fit perfectly into the rough opening. It is then important to find a way to seal the cracks that will otherwise cause air leakage.

Two easy ways to help ensure that this seal is airtight and will help reduce energy waste is to use weatherstripping or caulking when installing windows and doors.